Access to the library

Can I come to the library even if I'm not registered ?

The access is free. You can come and enjoy all of our services, including concerts, shows... without beeing registered. A library card will be mandatory if you want to borrow documents, use the library wifi or our computers in the @telier or youth multimedia area.

Is the library adapted to unabled people ?

An elevator and an access ramp will allow unabled persons to access all the library's areas.



I can't connect to my account on this website. Why ?

If you can't connect to your personal account, it might be for one of the following reasons :

  • Your subscription expired.
  • You typed a wrong password.
  • You are using an old version of your web browser, that need to be updated.
  • You didn't install the latest updates on your computer. Flash Player in particular is essential to browse our website.
  • On a Macintosh computer, the Flash technology isn't supported on the browser Safari. You have to activate Flash Player in the preferences or download the plugin.
  • Check your box. The connexion might have been interrupted.
  • Maybe the page is taking some time to download, be patient

Can I bring my personal laptop to the library ?

Yes ! You can bring your personal laptop to the library. You will find outlets to plug your computer if necessary. And you can connect to our free wifi free wifi using your card numbers.

Is there a wifi connexion for the patrons ?

A free wifi connexion is available in every areas of the library. You will need your patron card to access it.

Connect to "mediatheque_sevres" network, open your Internet browser, and write your id numbers :

ID : all the numbers written under the barcode.

Password : your birth date at this format : DDMMYYYY

Can we use Internet freely, for personal matters, on the library's computers ?

6 computers are at your disposal at l’@telier, and also 5 computers in the youth department. They are running under Linux and are equiped with open office softwares, compatible with Windows versions. To use those computers : take your patron card to connect to your personal session where you can keep documents, pictures, etc. Flashdrives are allowed.

A black and white printer is at your disposal at l’@telier (15 centimes d’euro each page).

I can't remember my id or password to access my personal account. How do I find them ?

Your id : numbers written on your card, under the barcode. Exemple : 000099877 Your password : your birth date at this format : DDMMYYYY

If you have lost your card, contact us.

The online catalog seems complicated : can you explain how to use it ?

To search in the online catalog, you can use the rapid search or the advanced search (both on the right top corner of the website) : write down a few key words and launch the search.

You get a list of results that you can narrow by using the sort criterions on the left (type of document, language, audience, subject, author, etc.).

When you click on a document you can see its complete description, its reference and its availability. If the document is not available you can book it direct online.

For a more specific search, use the advanced search.

Can I make printouts, photocopies and scans at the library ?

A black and white photocopier is at your disposal in the entrance hall. You can make A4 and A3 copies. Each copy cost 15 centimes d'euro.

With that photocopier you can also scan documents and record it on a flashdrive or send it to you email adress.

A black and white printer is available at l'@telier (15 centimes d'euro)



Computers areas and tablets

Is registration mandatory to use the computers in the @telier ?

Yes you have to be registered if you want to use the computers in l’@telier or the youth department. Your personal credentials are necessary to connect to your personal account, use our digital resources and our wifi network.

Can we borrow tablets ?

No, tablets are only available to use on site, in the Press & news department, Music and cinema, and Le Passage. You can't borrow it.

Can we borrow e-readers ?

Yes, you can borrow one e-reader



For how long is the registration valid ?

The registration is valid for one year, from date to date.

What are the registration rates ? Can I register if I'm not living in Sèvres ?

Yes, you can register whatever your place of residence.

If you live in Sèvres or in a town that is part of GPSO conurbation (Boulogne-Billancourt, Chaville, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Marnes-la-Coquette, Meudon, Vanves et Ville d’Avray) : the rate is 16,50 € for the year / free for people under the age of 26 and for unemployed persons.

If you live outside of GPSO : the rate is 30 euros for a year, whatever your age.

Children who go to school in Sevres can also register for free, whatever the place of residence.

What supporting documents do I need to bring to register in the library ?

To register at the library, you need to bring:
  • An ID card

 A proof of adress (a recent bill for exemple, it has to be dated of the last 3 months)

  • And for people under 18 years old : a parental consent.

You can fill the registration form on site when you visit us, or print it from this website (practical informations tab).

What are the different kinds of cards and what are the differences ?

  • Children library cards (0-14) are free for GPSO residents*. It allows to borrow every kind of document EXCEPT for : DVD for adult, comics and mangas for adult.
  • Teenagers library cards (14-26) are also free for GPSO residents. It allows to borrow every kind of document.
  • Adults library cards (26 and older) are to be payed for and allow to borrow every kind of document.
  • Cards for groups are reserved for associations and teachers. You can make the request at the library.

GPSO residents : Sèvres, Boulogne-Billancourt, Chaville, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Marnes-la-Coquette, Meudon, Vanves and Ville d’Avray.

What happens if I loose my library card ?

If your subscription is ending soon, we will give you an other card for free, but if you subscription is still valid, an other card will cost you 5 euros.

When I register, is the card also valid for my all family ?

Cards are nominative, we tolerate its use by other members of the family but you have to remember : Children cards don't allow you to borrow adult DVDs or adult comics.


Borrow and return

Are every documents in the library available to borrow ?

You can borrow every document, EXCEPT FOR :
  • The last number of all the magazines
  • The daily newspapers encyclopaedias, dictionnaries Large size books for children --> You can see all this dosuments in the library but can't take it home.

Can I borrow magazines and newspapers ?

At the library you will find a wide range of magazines and daily newspapers, including Time and Vocable in english. You can borrow it all, except for the magazines 's last numbers and daily newspapers, which are only searchable on site.

I don't remember how many documents I borrowed, or when do I have to return them... Where can I access those informations ?

You can access all those informations (the listing of the documents you borrowed, return deadlines...) by connecting to your personal account on this website. Click on the red button "Your account" in theright top corner of the site and fill in your ID informations :

ID number : the figures noted under the barcode on your card

Exemple : 000012345

Password : your birth date at this format : DDMMYYYY

What happens if I don't return a document on time ?

You can keep the documents you borrow for 4 weeks, renewable for 4 more weeks if needing.

Beyond that deadline, you will have to pay a penalty :

Between 8 and 15 days late : 1.50 € / Between 9 and 23 days late : 5 €  / Beyond 24 days late : 9 €

What happens if I lose or damage a document ?

You are responsible for the documents you or your children borrow : You have to repurchase every document you may have damaged or lost.

Returning home I realize a document I borrowed is damaged. What should I do ?

In that case please contact us as soon as possible, by phone or mail.

Can I borrow documents if I forgot my library card ?

You can borrow documents anyway, by submitting an ID card.

Can I return documents if the library is closed ?

You can return your documents in the book deposite box, using your library card.

I'm a teacher and I need documents for my class. Can I borrow some at the library ?

You can have a card for collectivities including school groups. These cards are nominative and free for associations and schools inside GPSO.

With that card you can borrow a maximum of 50 documents (any kind of documents except for DVD) for 60 days.

The card is valid for the scholl year. All the documents must be returned before summer holidays.

To get a collectivity card, ask a librarian for a register form.

More informations here.

How can I know what I borrowed in the past ?

We can't keep these informations. The CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés) forbid us to register it.


Renewing or booking

I need to keep my documents longer, can I renew it ?

The initial duration to keep your documents is 4 weeks.

If you need, you can renew it, one time, for 4 more weeks, under 2 conditions :

None of the documents you borrowed is already late. The document you want to renew is not booked by an other patron.

You can renew it by coming in the library or on this website, connecting to your personal account with the red button "Your account" (top right corner).

How many documents can we book ? I made a booking, how do I know it's available ?

If a document you want is already borrowed by someone else, you can book it.

You can book 2 documents maximum at the same time : by asking to a librarian or directly on this website (look for the document in the catalog, clic on "+ reserve" and log to your personal account)

A document can't be booked by more than 2 patrons at the same time.

You can't book a document that is available, only documents borrowed by someone else.

when the document is available for you, you will get a letter or an email (if we have one). From there you have 8 days to come and borrow the document. Beyond that date we will put it back in the shelves.


About our documents

How are documents filling organized in the library ?

Documents are filled by thematical departments : literature, sciences, lforeign languages, etc.

In a department you will find all kinds of documents : books, DVDs, CDs, ...

Who decides what documents to purchase and what are the selection criteria ?

Librarians have the decision for new purchases. They have a few tools they can use : professional magazines, suppliers websites, etc.

The purpose is to display a diversified offer and answer every patrons expectations.

As a patron you can propose some documents you would like us to purchase. We will take your demands into account.

The library is a city department, so the budget for purchases is voted every year by the city council.

You don't have the document I wanted to borrow. Can I suggest you to purchase it ?

As a patron you can propose some documents you would like us to purchase. We will take your demands into account.

There is 2 ways to do it : by asking a librarian, or by filling the dedicated form in your personal account.

Can I give the library books, CD, DVD... I want to get rid of ?

Because of lack of room in the shelves, we are no longer accepting any documents for adults.

But you can bring us musical CDs and books for children, only if it's not damaged. Librarians will then decide if it goes into the shelves or not.

Because of specific lending rights, we can't accept DVDs donations.

I have difficulties with my vision, Is there suitable documents for me ?

In the Read differently department, you can borrow over 1500 documents for people with visual impairment :

Audio books Large print books

What do you do with damaged or old documents you can't keep in the shelves ?

Room in the shelves being limited (Every year we purchase thousands of new documents) librarians have to go threw a weeding process (various stages in removing batches of documents) : They remove the documents that are damaged, obsolete, or that have simply not found their public. Ces documents sont ensuite donnés à des associations ou bien ils sont détruits.

What are you doing with old magazines ?

Dailies are kept for 2 months. Weekly magazines are kept for 3 months. Monthly publications are kept between 1 to 3 years. Some specific publications are considered like documentaries and put in the shelves with the other documents of the same matter.

What is the oldest document you have in the library ?

Our oldest document is from 1672 : « Pensées de M. Pascal sur la religion, et sur quelques autres sujets » (Thoughts of M. Pascal about religion and other matters).


Music and cinema department

Can we watch videos or listen to CDs in the library ?

In the music and cinema department, an area is dedicated to watching videos (2 large screens computers and comfortable seats). A CD player is also at your disposal.

Why can't you lend documents to school groups or associations ?

Law is specific regarding DVDs lending rights : When we purchase DVDs we also purchase the right to lend it, that is limited to a strictly private use.

How can we know that a document is forbidden for people under a certain age ?

Those informations are labelled directly on the document's cover.

I repayed for a DVD I lost or damaged, why is it so expensive ?

Law is specific regarding DVDs lending rights : When a library purchase a DVD, it also purchase the right to lend it, which increase the price of the DVD compared with the price for a private individual.

What happens if I lose a CD booklet ?

You are responsible for the documents you or your children borrow : You have to repurchase a document if it's not complete.


Cultural events

Do we have to pay to participate to cultural events ?

No, all of the events we organize in the library (concerts, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, reading sessions for children...) are free. For some of it you will have to book in advance, for others it's just free entrance.

I'm an artist / author / musician... and I would like to intervene in the library, what is the way ?

On a regular basis the library propose all kinds of cultural events (exhibitions, conferences, tales, concerts…) for all ages. If you wish to intervene at the library please contact us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I want to register my child for an event but his age does not fit. Is that a problem ?

You can register you child anyway, only if the maximum of participants is not reached yet.


Other matters

Do you have quiet work areas ?

A study room (about 30 seats) and a work group area (about 14 seats) welcome people who wish to work in a quiet environment.

I can't come in the library by myself, can Someone do it for me ?

You can give your library card to a person you trust and who can come at the library borrow and return documents for you.

What is RFID technology ?

The radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that memorize a document's data and allows to consult it remotely by using RFID chips.

The library recently equiped all of its documents with RFID chips (stickers) which makes loans and returns faster, and allows patrons to register their loans by themselves with the automatic terminal.

Can I let my child on his own at the library ?

Librarians are not responsible for unaccompanied children. They remain under the responsability of their parents.

What are the librarians doing when the library is closed ?

We have a lot of varied activities. We have to treat and prepare the new documents purchases, prepare the next cultural events, enrich the content of our website, as well as our Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest pages.

All of that and much more...

Where can I adress a demand for a position or an internship ?

All demands for position or internship must be adressed to The Sèvres city hall.

Can we display posters or flyers for associations, small ads... in the library ?

Give your posters, flyers, small ads... to a librarian. We will display it in the library.